It’s got that Night’s flow with rapping from Raf. So damn good. Mir Fontane is competing for the 10th spot on XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class. Production by Kenif Muse is absolutely insane.

Lately I been wonderin’ why you don’t play my shit
Claim you been a fan since I got beats from Soundclick
But every time I see you, you play Drake’s old shit
J. Cole shit
That’s everyday shit
I ain’t hating, I just wanna be your favorite
Understand that I’m a legend in the making
Change your situation, situation

See I’m from Jersey baby
You know it get cold on the $ide
And we just be praying for Summer
Even though that’s when everyone die
Gunshots in the darkness
Don’t come outside if you scared
The Wet and that Wockey got fiends in the alley
It feel like it’s Walking Dead (yeah, yeah)
I swear my love is unforgettable
I’m not your average individual
And my bitch a walking swimming pool
I splash in it when I’m in the mood
All these dolla $igns, in my bank account
Tryin’ spend it all on you
Said I wouldn’t leave on yo ass
But I still went LeBron on you
I just pray for 100 bands
My homie jus want 100 guns
Pray he live to see 25
Cause he a Savage under 21
21 21 21
That’s the age they took my number one
His Favorite movie was the Drumline
Ironic he ain’t hear them drummers come

And I don’t do the lean
All these dollars in my jeans (yeah)
Swear this life is but a dream
But you never listen to me (no)

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